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Welcome to the Young Fathers of Central Florida (YFCF) Volunteers page! You've made a valuable decision by navigating to this page and we appreciate it very much!

Volunteers are the backbone of YFCF. Volunteers and their contributions allow YFCF to assist young men throughout Central Florida’s communities. YFCF recognizes that each volunteer possesses a wealth of personal resources like life skills, talents, professional training, and life experiences. When a volunteer brings these personal resources into the life of a young father, a young father’s chances for being a successful parent increases. By recruiting a wide range of volunteers, YFCF ensures the success of each young father in its programs.

YFCF has four dynamic branches through which volunteers serve.
  • Mentoring - Volunteers provide a one-on-one social support system for specific fathers.
  • Organization - Volunteers manage the organization’s administrative affairs. These volunteers also assist with project development.
  • Outreach - Volunteers seek out fathers at community events. These volunteers may also teach seminars.
  • Skills Training - Volunteers develop and train the parenting skills, life skills, and practical knowledge of young fathers.

Volunteers are placed in one branch for a year. After a year, a volunteer can request to serve in another branch. The YFCF leadership determines all volunteer placements. These placements can change in response to the organization’s needs.

To get started, simply CLICK HERE and fill out a Volunteer Application and submit it to the Volunteer Coordinator. If you have additional questions about serving with YFCF, then check out the answers to “Frequently Asked Questions" listed below. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss all other matters or questions.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can volunteer with YFCF?
A: Anyone. Our young fathers benefit from men and women who can ensure the fathers become better parents. Teachers, tradesmen, business owners, athletes, professionals, retirees – all are welcome to serve with the organization.

Q: Do I need prior volunteer experience?
A: No. YFCF welcomes both first time volunteers and seasoned community workers. The organization only requires that you have a willingness to serve the needs of young fathers.

Q: How can I serve?
A: Volunteers serve in one of four branches: Mentoring, Organization, Outreach, and Skills Training. Volunteers indicate in which branches they wish to serve. However, YFCF decides in which branch volunteers serve. This is based on the volunteer’s background and YFCF’s needs.

Q: What’s my expected commitment to YFCF?
A: The organization asks volunteers to commit to one year of service. It is critical that volunteers and the young fathers develop a rapport of trust, understanding, and effective communication. A policy of year-long commitment promotes this goal. The commitment also ensures stability in YFCF’s efforts to provide assistance effectively and consistently.

Q: How much of my time can I give?
A: Volunteers can serve any amount of time their schedules allow. Whether you’re available only specific at times and days or you’re looking to assist with specific events, YFCF has service opportunities that can fit your schedule.

Q: Will a troubled past prevent me from serving with YFCF?
A: Good question. To ensure the welfare of our young fathers and their children, YFCF will review the backgrounds of all prospective volunteers. Even so, a criminal history or other personal concerns will not automatically prevent you from serving with the organization. Each volunteer applicant is considered on a case by case basis. A personal interview with YFCF leaders, though, may be required.

Q: How do I get started?
A: If you’re interested in serving with YFCF, the CLICK HERE to print and fill out an application to submit to us. Submit applications by mail, fax, or email.

Have additional questions?

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT the Volunteer Coordinator by email

get involved! become a mentor!

Why should someone become a mentor?

Not only will they have fun doing a good deed, they will also benefit by making a difference in the lives of young men and their families.

How much time must a mentor commit?

One hour a week, four hours a month for a minimum of one year. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this minimum commitment of time can make.

What are the requirements needed to be a mentor?

Mentors must be a male who is at least 21 years of age, participate in an interview and screening process, undergo a required criminal background check and attend training workshops.